A No Fuss Laravel & Docker Starter Repo

A No Fuss Laravel & Docker Starter Repo

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When I initially wanted to transition from Homestead & Vagrant to a containerized version of Laravel, I struggled to get it working. I Googled far and wide, and tried a ton of different "simple" walk throughs that were anything but.

This repo is what I wish I had run into during that search, and is now a good quick startup for developing Laravel applications. It's still a work in progress, so if you have suggestions to make it better (but still simple) I'm all ears, drop me a mention @ChrisArter.

To get started, head to https://github.com/christopherarter/Quick-Laravel-Docker-Starter


  1. PHP 7.1 (minimum)
  2. Composer install guide
  3. Docker install guide
  4. Docker Compose install guide

Get started

  1. Clone this repo and navigate to the repo folder. Run composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel my-app
  2. Run mv my-app/* my-app/.* ./ && rm -rf my-app
  3. Change the values in your .env to the values below:

The last step, run docker-compose up

When you run docker ps, you should see your service running locally at http://localhost:9000

To run migrations and commands that interact with the database you need to be inside the laravel web app container.

Run docker ps and get the id of the laravel web container. Next, run docker exec -it <container-id> /bin/bash and you should be at /var/www/app. You may now run artisan commands to interact with the database.

Connecting to your database with a database tool

To connect with this database using tools like MySQL Workbench, DB Beaver or TablePlus, you can access it with the 3305 port, username and password you specified in your .env file.